Entrevista sobre o update 1.1

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    Entrevista sobre o update 1.1

    Mensagem por Menace em Sex Jan 13, 2012 10:20 am

    Basicamente o update 2 vai sair em março e vamos ter nele o legacy, os bancos da guilda e ranked pvp e els tao prometendo novos conteudos periodicamente:

    GameSpy: So, what's got the Rakghouls so angry that they're rising up?

    James Ohlen: If you're familiar with Knights of the Old Republic, or the world of Taris in The Old Republic for that matter, they're the creatures that, if they infect you, you can turn into a Rakghoul yourself. The Rakghoul plague is becoming weaponized, there's a danger of seeing it spread throughout the galaxy.

    So Rise of the Rakghouls is a Flashpoint that's for level 50 characters. We've been working on it for more than a year. It's pretty epic, it's really huge, it's got a vast scope in the story. It's story-heavy -- we have some Flashpoints that are story-heavy and some that are story-light. The first ones that you played were the story-heavy Flashpoints, and that's the type of Flashpoint that Rise of the Rakghouls is going to be. Part one comes out with our game update next week, and then part two comes out in our game update that comes in March

    GameSpy: What've you learned about designing Flashpoints since the game launched?

    James Ohlen: Well, we know that there's two different kinds of players -- or there's obviously more than two different kinds of players, but there are players who really enjoy the story-heavy Flashpoints, because it's something that's unique to the online space, they never experienced it before, there's huge fans of those. Then there are other players who are really focused on the combat aspect of it, and they enjoy more of the story-light Flashpoints. So we feel that we're going to have to continue to provide two different kinds of Flashpoints, the story-heavy Flashpoints and the story-light Flashpoints.

    GameSpy: What about difficulty in Rise of the Rakghouls, relative to other Flashpoints? Are you trying to really challenge players with this, or is it something that you want even casual players to jump in and enjoy?

    James Ohlen: It is going to be challenging. It won't be as challenging as the Operation, Karagga's Palace. That's the other big piece of content that's coming out in our game update one next week. Karagga's Palace is an Operation for eight to 16 players, we're adding four new main bosses to that Operation, so now it's going to have five bosses instead of one. We've also really improved the cinematics, we've added a lot to it, it's really impressive now. I think it's on par with the Eternity Vault Operation. I think players are gonna really dig that.

    But that's not to say that Rise of the Rakghouls isn't going to be challenging, it's definitely going to be more of a challenging Flashpoint. We do want casual players to be able to play it, though. As the game continues to grow, continues to mature, we'll be adjusting content according to what the population is at any given level. So, for example, if we're finding that aren't able to beat a Flashpoint, we might have to make adjustments to it at some later date.

    GameSpy: You've also got a new planet, Kaon. How are you going to set that apart from existing planets, either in the look and feel of it, or types of quests we're going to see there?

    James Ohlen: I don't want to give too many details. I don't know how to describe it, actually... Um, it does have a lot of Rakghouls. Basically, Kaon is the setting for part one of Rise of the Rakghouls. It's entirely devoted to the Flashpoint. However, in our Game Update 2, which is coming in March, we're introducing a new world in that update as well, which is called Denova. That world is going to have an Operation and a Warzone, so it's actually going to have more to it than Kaon. Plus, of course, in the Game Update 2 we'll have the second part of Rise of the Rakghouls.

    GameSpy: Getting back to the balance between the casual and the hardcore players, what's BioWare's philosophy on keeping both groups happy with the flow of content aimed at them?

    James Ohlen: I think that's one of the biggest concerns that players bring up. We're coming out with this first game update within this first month, to show that yes, we're serious, we're going to be providing free content on a regular basis. And then with Game Update Two, the one coming in March, we're going to be providing even more content. We're going to have PvP content in the form of Warzones, the Flashpoint, the Operation. We're also going to be providing single-player content for level 50s -- it's actually pretty extensive. We have a single-player Flashpoint, Operation, Warzone. In addition to that, we're going to be providing new game systems that are going to be usable by players of all levels.

    We've been able to keep the entire team together, still working on the game -- that's allowed us to really create a bunch of different "strike teams" to continue focusing on different aspects of the game. So we have a strike team focused on guilds, for example, and we'll be releasing guild banks in March. We also have a team devoted to PvP functionality, so in addition to just Warzones, we're also going to provide new functionality for PvP players. The first thing is ranked matches -- PvP fans are obviously very competitive, they want to compare themselves to each other, so we're going to allow them to go into matches that are ranked.

    Finally, in the second game update, we're also providing the full Legacy system. From a fictional standpoint, it's inspired by the fact that Star Wars has a lot to do with family -- Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker being one of the more famous father-son relationships in fiction. The legacy system is really meant to appeal to players who love to re-roll characters, to create alt characters, who like to play through different storylines and see how they play out. What the Legacy system is going to allow you to do is actually create a family tree of characters that can be sisters, brothers, husbands, fathers, sons, basically the characters that you're creating are all part of that family tree. Whenever one of your characters is adventuring, you gain experience points for your family Legacy, and you gain Legacy levels. Legacy levels unlock abilities and perks, they allow you to use bind on legacy items. It also allows you to customize your level of experience. We know that when a player has played a character from levels one to 50, and he's starting up a new character, so there's certain things where he wants his experience to be slightly different, he might want to optimize it so that he's doing more PvP than he was the last time, or maybe he wants to focus more on heroic quests. The legacy system will allow him to essentially optimize his gameplay experience, through things like experience point bonuses, other things like that.

    GameSpy: When it comes to PvP balance: one of our guys who's a big PvP'er was asking me if you have any plans to look at the prevalence of stuns in multiplayer.

    James Ohlen: Oh, oh, he feels that stuns are too powerful?

    GameSpy: Yeah, he feels like he's getting stunned an awful lot.

    James Ohlen: We have a combat team, the combat team's always looking at the community, taking a look at what the major concerns are that people are bringing up. But yeah, if stuns are truly a big issue and they're causing an imbalance, we'll make a change to that.

    GameSpy: Have you made progress in tracking down a way to fix that annoying PvP combat lag issue?

    James Ohlen: Oh, yeah. The thing is, it's not a single thing. It's a whole bunch of different things that come together to create the feeling of lag. In some ways that's good news -- it means it's not actually lag -- but in other ways it's bad news. It means we have to touch a whole bunch of different systems to improve it. It's something that we have a lot of different solutions for. A lot of those solutions are coming in Game Update 1 next week. We have some more in the weekly patch that will come out a week after that. That's another thing, our weekly patches, where we're doing bug fixes -- when I say "bug fixes," I don't just mean bugs, I also mean what we like to call "quality of life improvements." Things that are annoying players, we'll make tweaks to them or changes. For example, our auction house, the Galactic Trade Network. People have some issues with some of the features involved there. Because of that, we're making small changes to improve it, they won't be in the major game updates, but instead they'll be in the weekly bug-fix updates.

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