Conteudo dos futuros patchs vazaram

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    Conteudo dos futuros patchs vazaram

    Mensagem por Menace em Qua Fev 08, 2012 1:39 pm

    Ai galera vazaram o conteudo dos patchs:

    Patch 1.2 - Prepare to return to Corellia to battle each other for control over the Black Hole, scout the Lost Island, and head to the planet of Denova to battle it out against both the Republic and Empire.

    -Dailies: The Fall of Corellia (Imperial) and Corellia Rising (Republic)

    The dailies added in 1.2 will have us returning to one of the final planets in your class story - Corellia.

    After reading through some of the conversations associated with the NPCs listed here, as the Republic you will be trying to keep the Empire from getting ahold of "the Black Hole" (no idea if this is a real black hole or not) and the Empire trying to capture it.

    -Flashpoint: Lost Island:

    Not much can be told from the area or mission but we do have maps.

    -Operation: Explosive Conflict:

    Already spoken about a little bit in interviews, you will travel to the planet of Denova where it you will be battling your opposing faction.

    Patch 1.3 - Discover the Legacy of the HK series of Assassin Droids, discover the horrors hiding deep within Belsavis, obtain Czerka Technology and aid Gree Droids as the mighty black bisector.

    One of the biggest finds in our search, it seems HK-51 will be introduced in 1.3 and you will be able to obtain him as a companion!

    -Dailies: Horror on Belsavis (Imperial) and Section X (Republic):

    Here you will meet the Dread Masters... six powereful Sith Lords... who are imprisoned deep within the prison world of Belsavis.

    -Flashpoint: Titans of Industry:

    Once again you will blasting through Czerka Technology and hopefully recovering some in the process. Not much is known on where exactly this flashpoint will take pl

    -Operation: Terror From Beyond:

    Patch 1.3 is shaping up to look pretty big, there is even a new Operation! This time you aid the ever-lovable Gree Droids in defeating the Dread Masters and making everything purple parallel.

    Patch 1.4 - Battle with the Hutts on their homeworld of Varl and take the fight directly to them.

    -Dailies: High Value Targets (Imperial) and Opportunism (Republic):

    Another new planet that should be introduced in 1.4 - Varl was the original home of the Hutts. It seems the several Hutts have created an alliance with the Dread Masters and you are here to stop them.

    -Operation: Scum and Villany:

    Conversation is pretty light on details here, but from what we have been able to dig up we will once again go up against the Hutts and defeat the army they are in the process of building.

    Patch 1.5 - Trek to the ancient secret capital of Rakata Prime, do battle with a rogue Imperial Warlord and face off against The Dread Masters.

    -Dailies: Rakata Prime:

    Rakata Prime - Also known by the name of Lehon and was the secret capital of the Infinite Empire. You have come to this ancient planet to stop the Dread Masters from obtaining a weapon dubbed "Agieus", a planet-killer.

    -Flashpoint: The Imperial Warlord:

    Imperial Moff Regus has gone rogue, both Imperial and Republic forces want to shut him down and you have been selected to get the job done.

    -Operation: The Dread Masters:

    This one is also pretty light on the details, but from the looks of it we will be taking the fight directly to the Dread Masters... who knows how this will end!

    Maiores detalhes:

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    Re: Conteudo dos futuros patchs vazaram

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    o Hk series deve ser legal

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