Crew Skills no Beta


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    Crew Skills no Beta

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    Acho que houve algumas modificações desde a ultima build lançada, porém acredito que o guia ainda serve pra esclarecer muita coisa:

    - you can have 1(or 0) crafting skill, no limit on gathering skills, and mission skills
    - you can learn all crew skills on Dromund Kaas / Coruscant, after those planets, you will find every crew skill trainer on every planet’s main base (main base is where your ship arrives)
    - you can discover rare recipes while using crafting skills (I mean when your companions are using crafting skills)
    - there are some companions with bonuses like “cybertech critical +1″, it gives the companion more chance to discover rare recipes
    - you can only do gathering skills, your companions can do everything
    - yes, your droid is a companion
    - every character knows reverse engineering, and you can reverse items your companions made (not all of them, for example you can’t reverse mods)

    Gathering skills
    - by “mining”, I mean there’s a node, like mining nodes on wow, and you harverst materials from that node, like you did in wow
    - by “skinning”, I mean there’s a dead monster of some kind, and after you loot it, you can harverst some materials from it, just like with skinnig beasts in wow
    How it works: There are electronic safes, broken computers, data storage units, and other stuff like that on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
    What it gives: Lockboxes, and the lockboxes can contaion: money (mostly), items, blue cybertech materials.
    What crafting skill uses it: Cybertech.
    Note: If you have slicing, you’re rich, if you don’t have, you’re poor.
    How it works: There are crystal nodes on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
    What it gives: Color crystals (for lightsaber mods), power crystals (basic material for lightsaber, and force user armor stuff), artifact fragments (datacron assembling stuff).
    What crafting skill uses it: Artifice, synthweaving.
    Note: Nothing extra. It works exactly like mining in wow, minus the mining pick.
    How it works: There are scrap nodes, metals, and stuff like that on the planets. You can “mine” from them. Other than those, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss droids.
    What it gives: Metals (basic materials for armormech, armstech, and cybertech).
    What crafting skill uses it: Armormech, armstech, cybertech.
    Note: Very easy to level, because there are shitloads of strong / elite / boss droids in the game.
    How it works: There are some plants on the planets, which you can “mine”. Other than that, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss bioligical enemies.
    What it gives: Generic materials (basic biochem material).
    What crafting skill uses it: Biochem.
    Note: Nothing extra. I think you get the idea here.
    Crafting skills
    Item slots on a character: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs, feet, wrist, ear, implant, 3x relic, and of course your 2 hands for weapons / other stuff.
    Don’t get confused, you will see power / color crystals here too (as you saw at archeology). They have the same name, but they’re not the same stuff. The power / color crystals here are made from those “mined” by archeology.
    Light, medium, heavy armor for all force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.
    Light, medium, heavy armor for all non-force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.
    - color crystal (lightsaber mod – normal (green) recipes can teach you green, blue, and red)
    - emitter matrix (lightsaber mod)
    - focus lens (lightsaber mod)
    - hilt (lightsaber mod)
    - power crystal (lightsaber mod)
    - offhand gadget (jugger’s offhand shield item)
    - feet (item slot)
    - wrist (item slot)
    - harness (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
    - overlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
    - underlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
    - droid armor (core, motor, sensor unit, parts – works the same as armormech for non-furce users, or syntweaving for force users)
    - ear (item slot)
    - feet (item slot)
    - wrist (item slot)
    - offhand gadget (powertech offhand shield item)
    - granedes (nothing to explain on that)
    - harness (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
    - overlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
    - underlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
    - assault cannon
    - blaster pistol
    - blaster rifle
    - sniper rifle
    - barrel (ranged weapon mod)
    - color cartridge (ranged weapon mod, it determines your blaster’s laser color – works the same as color crystals, so red, blue, green can be learned from trainers, other colors are rare)
    - scope (ranged weapon mod)
    - trigger (ranged weapon mod)
    - adrenal (15 sec strong buff, 3 min cd)
    - implant (item slot)
    - medkit (“healing potion”, 90 sec cd)
    - med unit (same as medkit, you can use these on allies within 10 meters)
    - stimulant (1 hour stat buff, you can have 1 at a time)
    Mission skills
    Underworld Trading:
    - blue Biochem material
    - blue Armormech material
    - companion gift
    Treasure Hunting:
    - blue Armsmech material
    - blue Artifice material
    - lockbox (the same as in slicing)
    - companion gift
    - purple recipe for any of the crafting skills
    - blue Armormech, Synthweaving material
    - companion gift
    - dark/light side point
    - blue Synthweaving material
    - companion gift

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